Does a K&S 12-0040 fit my 450?

Will a K&S 12-0040 switch fit on my '05 WR450? I'm wondering if the kill switch and hot start lever will interfere with each other. Does anyone know of another switch that controls kill,horn,signals and lights that might be narrower?

Okay, I've been digging around all afternoon and found a good switch that Baja Designs uses. also uses this switch. It's 1/2" narrower than the K&S switch. Does anyone know who makes that switch?

I use a switch assembly from a GasGas it is very narrow and has headlight off/low/high, signals, horn and kill switch. The feeds for each are separate so you can run the headlight/tail light/brake light from your AC and the horn and signals from your DC. I did make a spacer from a piece of 3/16 aluminum to provide clearance between the hot start lever and the kill switch.

The switch seems very durable since it was designed for an off-road motorcycle. Very pleased with this setup, it has worked flawlessly for me.

I used that switch , had to mod the hot start by rising it about a 1/4 inch,i used a aluminum spacer ,and i disconnected the kill switch completely ,just use the ignition

The Switch Baja Designs Uses Is The Same One Gas Gas,tm,derbi And Most Euros Use You Can Order Them Through Your Local Dealer From Tucker Rocky Dist. Part # Is 05-9063 $59.95 Retail.

The K&S has a kill on it. So taking off the factory kill switch doesn't matter, it's gives you a little extra room. As far as the hot start mount, I haven't added my K&S yet, but it looks as if the 1/4 risers are the perfect idea. :)

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