Front wheel bearing part#

Well it is time to replace front wheel bearings. I did a search looking for the best replacement bearings, there was a lot of discussion on brands but I didn't find any part#s for the non Yamaha bearing. If any knows the actual number of the bearing that they used it would be greatly appreciated. A sealed bearing seems like a good idea. Thanks for the help.

Definitley get a sealed bearing, I'm on my third set in the front :D

Think no balls or someone else makes a kit for the front wheel, seals and all.

I found sealed bearings from a local place made by KYK out of japan the bearing number is 6904RS. To me it is stupid not to have sealed bearings front and rear. :) Aslo do not negleck to chane your seals and collars if they are grooved to deep and do not seal as well.

Thanks Bean329. Did have to buy the Yamaha seal or did you find a different brand? I am going to get a machinist friend to make me a collar out of stainless steel.

Anyone else have some part numbers? Maybe NTN or SKF. Thanks

bearing #s are the same no matter who builds them. the #s indicate ID,OD, thickness, and "sealed-ness".

no need to order them form a motorcycle company unless they are cheaper. just grab them locally. look up bearings in your phone book. :)

Call Rocky Mountain ATV in Utah ask about the All Balls bearing kits. I bought my kit their with both sealed bearings and wheel seals for way less than anyone local.


Well I just went through this whole procedure, and it's a little more expensive than the usual situation. The yamaha parts are $17 each, and they have no seals. The local bearing shop wants $21 for an NTN dual sealed bearing, so I think I'll spend the extra to have the sealed bearings. Some of the other shops were quoting me $31 each for NTN parts.

After much internet searching, I found that a Blaster ATV has the same bearing on the inner front wheel, with seals. Might be a useful bit of information for somebody someday. I'm not sure of the $$ for that.

I just came in from my shop after front wheel bearings and seals. Go figure...... anyway, I would suggest e-bay. I got the rear set, (double sealed bearings with seals) for $18.00 + shipping and got the front set (double sealed bearings with seals) for $16.00 + shipping. I have one race on the rear set and they still seem tight :banghead:

When your on e-bay just type in " Yamaha WR450 wheel bearings" and the guy will pop up. Shipping was fast enough overall good deal I think :applause:

Good Luck!

Thanks for this guys.

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