1983 xr 500

Hey guys. I am looking at an ' 83 xr 500 for $400 o.b.o The add reads that the bike runs strong but has lost second gear. What do you guys think is broken, and or out of adjustment ? The add did mention something about it having a new barnet clutch kit. Thanks for any advice here.

Sounds like a hassle. There is no adjustment in the tranny. If the bike lost 2nd it means a complete teardown is needed.

If you really want the bike, talk him down more....... :D

Something is broke inside the trans and the case will need to be split..

Definetly a job for someone mechanicly skilled....... :)

If you buy it and need parts, i have two '83 500's right now. One is in pieces, but... it isn't an XR. Though i do seem to remember the engines are the same :)

PM me if interested. The one 500 is already in pieces and most likely will never run again.

and those bikes run hard if taken care of properly.

Good insight guys. I am mechanicly inclined and have torn down bike and car motors, but I dont know if I am ready for another project right now. :)

Replacing transmission parts like gears shift drums shift forks main shaft counter shaft can get very expensive plus all gaskets to put it back together. MMM i would pass it up and look for something in better condition. Good luck!!

Well guys, I went with an '82 xl 500R. Picked it up for $675. But it runs great and shifts through all its gears. Real nice shape with 5800 miles on the odometer. (and brand new tires and new front rim) Really a clean bike. Suspension is very tight. Cant wait to hit the trails !

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