2001 426 STOCK MUFFLER, Whats it worth?

OK guys. try to be honest. I have a take off stock 426 muffler. A guy might be interested in buying it and I have NO idea what they go for. So if you can. Please let me know what they go for. I figured you guy's would know best. :)

Or should I not waste my time and just start surfing the web looking for a realistic price? :) I don't to gouge the guy. and I don't want to "give" it away. Just looking for a place to start. :D

sell it to him for 50 bikes-maybe 75 if its real nice

i just paid 42 shipped on one on ebay

I bought one and paid $AU100 ($US76) which was a good price for this side of the world. May be worth less over there.

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