first oil change questions

I'm about ready to change the oil for the first time on my 2004 yz 450f (have had it three weeks) I have the service manual, and they recommend replacing the o-rings and gasket. Should I get these items from the dealer before I start ? or just take a chance that they are still good and go ahead with the oil change??

Also, are those stainless steel re-usable filter worth the money?? Let me know your reccomendations......Don

The O-rings can be re-used a number of times without problems. I keep a complete set on hand and use them whenever I find any damage to one or the other of them, replacing the ones I used for my "stock". That way I never have to dash to the shop before it closes.

I use the Scotts stainless filter. From a simple monetary point of view, it cost me $65. At the rate I change oil (10 hours or less), a years worth of bulk bag paper cheapies would cost me close to $80, and my Scotts would only be a year old. It will last for 2-4 years unless you rough it up too much while cleaning.

From the standpoint of how well it filters, it stands on its own. It filters twice as finely as the OEM brass elements the earlier models had, and matches the rated filtering size of high flow paper elements. However, paper cannot come close to the flow rates achieved by the Scotts. Because of this, paper elements will open the bypass valve fairly frequently (almost certainly when cold) and allow totally unfiltered oil into the lube system.

There are SS filters besides Scotts that cost less, but they haven't been very forthcoming about the quality and performance specifics of their products, whereas Scotts publishes everything about theirs. The others say theirs are just as good. I have only their word on it. :)

I had my 00 426 for four years and needed new o-rings once...And yes, the stainless filters are worth the money. Buy it once for sixty bucks, or buy them every other oil change for thirteen bucks? Also, I'm sure there will be some who disagree w/ me, but don't bother pulling the screen out of the bottom of the frame (below the drain bolt), as there is NEVER any metal on it.

I do disagree on the feed line screen, but not very much. It's more or less completely unnecessary to check it each oil change. But it is a good idea once when the bike is new, or once after any major engine work has been done. You might find blobs of sealer, gasket chunks, or shop towel lint under those circumstances.

Thanks for the help again, there's nothing like getting advise from those " who have been there, done that".


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