Rear Brake Lever Replacement 04 YZ450

Hi all - I'm having a problem keeping my rear brake level in riding condition. The last 3 times of gone out - I've hit something and folded the peg portion on the lever flat (which make it very tough to use). Yesterday I actually managed hit something and fold the entire front portion of the lever into the back portion of the lever (you'd think the aluminum would have broken for sure). Aside from the fact that I need to adjust my riding style and avoid things like stumps and big rocks (it happens when I'm leaning for a corner) - does anyone know of any aftermarket replacement for the rear brake lever? From my local bike shop the OEM part is $120 (I did see it's a lot cheaper ordering from Thumpertalk). I'd like to know if there is a replacement that the peg portion has a spring or pivot in it that allows it to pivot back when I hit something as opposed to breaking or folding back into the unit. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your time

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