TTR-90 wont idle

My daughters TTR-90 won't idle. The thing has maybe 50 miles on it. It starts fine fully chocked but once warm it dies with the chock off. Tore down and cleaned every inch of the carb and still no luck. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance for the help!

Did you even try adjusting the idle screw? Look below or to the right of the choke and theres this screw, its under a little plate that should be gold and turn it so that the other side of the screw is going up (right is up i think) and then try.

If its not your idle it is probably a plugged pilot jet. Real common on little bikes. The pilot gets plugged and it dont idle. The holes in the pilot are so small that its hard to get them clean.

The idle adjustment is on the right hand side of the carb. Between the carb and frame. Its a knurled knob. Try adjusting it up a little (turn in clockwise to raise the idle). Open the throttle a little when you adjust the idle up then let the throttle settle. If you dont open the throttle while adjusting the idle the idle screw can dig into the throttle slide.

I toyed with the idle when we were out last time and dialed it down so that my daughter could ride with the bike fully choked. When I dial it back up, regardless of how high the darn thing stil dies when I shut off the choke. I will tear down the carb again and attempt to search out the pilot skrew and assure it is super clean.

Could the float be messed up in it?

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