Hydraulic brake switch.

I recently installed a Baja Designs hydraulic brake switch on my 99 WR400. The problem is even after bleeding the brake the pedal still feels a little soft. The brake now requires more pressure on the pedal to lock up the rear tire. Has anyone else experienced this after installing their switch? :)

Thanks, Cam.

Did you back bleed the system? Back bleeding is the simplest and most effective way of eliminating air bubbles from the system.

I am not familiar with back bleeding. Can you explain this to me?

My brother had a similar problem installing one on a quad. Some of it is the extra motion required by the switch. VW bugs are the only other thing I know that use pressure to trigger the brake lights.


A trick he used to bleed his brakes, was to strap the quad in a truck (trailer, whatever), squeeze the brake levers down with bungees and drive around on rough roads. That is supposed to persuade any air to jiggle up the line to the master.

We haven't talked about it since he's done it to verify results, so it's still a bit of a wives tale, but it couldn't hurt.

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