Jetting Specs For Baja

I'm goin' down to Baja for a four day ride and was hoping someone would have some advice on jetting. I'll basically be following the 500 course-Ensenada south than west to Mikes Skyranch than North to Tecate. I'm currently running a JD blue needle in the #4, 170mj, 48 pj, and 1 3/4 to 1 1/2 turns out on the fuel mixture screw. Any advice? :)

It's gonna be a bit warm, so you might want to bring the Red needle and a selection of jets with you...SC

I run the red needle #5 when its hot.....90+

Seabass, I did a four day Baja trip at the end of March pretty much along the same course your going to do. My jetting was right on the money with Red #4, 168/48 with 1 1/2 turns out. It was an awesome trip, we did 500 miles in the four days. My 05 WR has all the mods done with a Yosh pipe and that jetting is my 0-3000 set-up. You'll have a blast!

JD Red needle in #4 clip and a 165 main should give you better fuel economy and performance over the blue needle for the Baja. :)

Man, you guys sure do split hairs when it comes to jetting... I say, if it runs fine in Cali it'll run fine in Mexico.. I've race down there, the bike can't tell the difference.. Sorry... :) Just run it.... I use the silver needle.. :D

Thanks everyone for your replies. I'll stick with what I got but I'll bring an extra needle and a couple of jets :)

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