XR 650R stolen

I have a buddy in Ft. Myers, Florida who had his 2004 XR650 stolen out of his garage while he was on vacation. It was bone stock had the number 03 on it. If anyone gets a clue on it please let me know! He bought it new from a dealer this past winter it was a demo I guess. He bearly had 20 hours on it and never laid it down so it is very clean.

Tell him to tell everyone that he knows about it NOW!!! Good chance it was someone close. Good Luck.

Keep an eye out for parts too. Internet/ ebay and locally. :)

and if ya catch the guy, be forgiving ... be kind ... heck, buy him a nice fur coat .... and take him deer hunting .. :)

Sorry about your Buddy's loss, Talk about feeling violated......... :)

Thieves suck worm dung............

Sorry to hear about the loss, probably a neighbor or someone your friend knows.

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