how do you fix a fouled plug? S.O.S. thanks

My buddy has 2 fouled plug from his CR125 89 and we want to go riding BADdly!

I heard you can hold the plug upside down and flame the electrode with a lighter?

not sure..?

thanks for any input!(:

My experience with my 250 Honda: Once the plug was fouled, everything I tried failed to produce a spark. You may want to check some back issues, but a projected tip plug was what I had to use to stop cold head fouling. Instead of replacing the plug constantly, lower the needle (raise the clip)one step and/or go one step leaner on the main jet.


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.

thanks,....anyone else? any ideas...

I'm going to move the needle clip down 2 spaces to make it run more lean..

Whem I foul plugs I just use a beadblaster.It is similar to a sandblaster. Man machine shops have these and it brings the plug back to life. This is much cheaper than buying a new plug.

Since we were kids all we'd do is scrape off the carbon with a pocket knife and whallah! I've never had to "replace" a plug to finish a ride.

Right ON, a buddy of mine has a glass bead blaster... I'll try that!

thanks for the InFo, fellow riders!

..going riding monday, I'm damn excited.

I clean the electrode with koncentrated sulfur acid an it works fine.

I've always scraped off the carbon with a pocket knife. In a bind you *might* be able to use vigegar or fruit juice (citric acid) to help clean it but expect to let it sit for a while.

One more trick that I have used on Briggs engines and weed wackers (My crotch rocket and WR are too expensive for this) is to heat the plug up with a blowtorch SLOWLY, and then let it cool down. DOn't get the plug red hot or anything, just warm it up well, and let it cool slowly.

When my friend fouled a plug on his XR600 all it took was dipping it in gas. He had kicked for 20 minutes after I told him to dip it. So I pulled the plug he dipped it and 2 kicks later it was running.

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