Aftermarket carbs for an 84 XL600R

I have had my 600 since it was new and stripped and reassembled the carbs at least 4 times with good results after letting it sit for a year or two.

The first time I bent the float linkage so the fuel level would be a little higher and it helped with starting(at least I think so)

I am pulling the bike out and gonna clean the carbs once again after 14 months but wonder if anyone has put one of these new hot shot carbs on?

I guess I would need two so thats a little steep for a couple of summer months of riding.

Is there a 1 into 2 manifold to run just one carb? It will have plenty of power for me cuz I have ridden it with the secondary carb dry from a stuck float and as long as you don't crack the secondary open it will get up to 70.

The stock carbs are fine. It doesn't matter what carb you have if your bike just sits. Just clean them out and put them back on. If you are having problems starting it, then you probably don't have it jetted right. I went on a 300 mile ride today. There were six of us and I was the only one without an electric start. It fired on the first or second kick EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Hot or cold, didn't matter.

If you aren't going to ride it, then sell it. My buddy is looking to replace his XL600R that was stolen.

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