Why is it ticking?

Just installed the hot cam auto decompression exhaust cam for my 2000 YZF426. I measured the valve clearances and they were good. I put the bike together and it fired right up but I can't help but notice the ticking. The cam chain seems fine. I haven't romped on it yet. It idles and runs ok but I only took it for one lap around the house. I'm calling hot cams tomorrow for info but what do you think?

I did the same mod and only realised what the cause was after some double checking…

I forgot to tighten the engine mountings that secure the barrel to the frame. Re-check that all your torque settings

are correct.

Also are your valve clearances correct?

...uh oh...hope that's not what he forgot...

it's just like a bomb, tick tick tick BANG! :)

sorry couldnt resist it :D

valve clearances were good, everything is tightened down, I think it may be the chain but I'm going to check tonight

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