05 yz450

Hey everyone I just picked up an 05 yz450 last weekend. I have taken it out 4 times already like it alot. I just purchased the White Brothers Carbon Pro Exhaust System and matching jet kit for it. The deal is these bike's automatically come with red sticker. any ideas where i can get a green sticker. I live in Cenral Califonia. I will even get a spark arrestor if i have to to get a green sticker. Any ideas will be helpful thanks.....

Sorry man, no dice. I wanted to stick with Yamaha but didn't like the fact I could only ride like 6 mo out of the year or whatever it is. I have heard of people getting them on accident.

There are ways of getting a green sticker, but it involves buying the bike out of state, getting a street legal registration from that state (usually requires residency), and then bringing it in to California.

Some of the bikes around '01 and '02 that were originally Red Sticker were grandfathered in as Green Sticker when the laws changed in '02 so the state didn't have to go back and decide which ones met the revised rules and which did not. These usually get red stickered when you first register them, then a green sticker comes in the mail later. It isn't a mistake.

If you do actually get sent a green sticker by mistake, or use one intended for a different bike, it won't work anyway, because most of the rangers won't buy it. They have lists of the red and the green models after '02, and some of them can tell a YZ450 from a 426 at 50 feet or better.

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