A fellow racer dies a sad day.

I belong to another board for my Chevelle and they are all over the Earnhart tragedy. I came to you guys before I get thrown off of that one for threatening someone with physical injury.

I have never agreed with Earnharts driving tactics, but have always thought he was one of the greatest to tighten a five point harness and respected him for that.

This moron is saying that although he doesn't wish death on anyone, Dales death is no big deal. I have spent my life in martial arts, so I do not have to fight, but I'd break this guys nose in an instant if given the chance. What cold hearted SOB.

We all participate in a sport that is very dangerous and may think about "what if", but we ride.

I also know that to leave my wife and two sons would be terrible, not for me, for them. I have comfort in knowing my family would know that I take the risk, not for the risk, but thrill of speed and competition.

Sorry, but I have never seen this type of behavior on this board.

ThumperTalk People are truely the best.

God Speed to Dale and God bless his family.



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I second that. I have never been an Earnhardt fan, nor a real NASCAR fan. I watched the race today because I had nothing better to do. I have raced in several different series as an amateur.(Stock car, Drag racing,and road racing.)I have also started racing bikes this past year. I have always respected the type of guy that Dale was. When I heard of his demise, I was shocked,I had always thought of him as invinceable. He died doing what he loves. I will truly miss him, and I will especially miss the excitement of watching him in action. God Bless his family.


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Last night I was having an IPA at my favorite spot with my favorite woman watching Travis show me how its done...

The bartender switches channels and I hear Big D is dead...

**** I have seen alot of people I love perish...

I didn't think Dale meant anything to me, but I felt like the wind got knocked out of me.

I don't know why he was special, but it feels like he was.

God speed brother.


There will be a small black #3 on my WR before my next ride in memory of a the great one. He will now join me on all my rides.

I liked him and the way he races. You can never let up when racing to win. It will put a void in NASCAR that will be felt for some time.

Love him or hate him, he was what racing truly is.

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I feel the death of Dale Earnhart is a tragedy to the sport of racing. When any driver/racer dies it is a tragedy. I have watched many NASCAR races over the years and I have to say that Dale was the most skilled driver on the track (maybe ever). I sadly also have to say that he has intentionally put MANY other cars (and their drivers!) into concrete walls. This fact is undisputed and cannot be forgotten. I do not like the way he choose to drive. And most of all I have never liked the way NASCAR has had 2 sets of rules. One for Earnhart and another set for everyone else. In my mind it is unfortunate that Dale was a real role model for many racers (and non-racers as well)...I just think his win by any (illegal as well as legal) method is NOT what racing is all about.

What about the guy that goes out to the local moto-x and ceter-punches another rider and doesn't stop until that rider is over the berm and off the track...Without any regard to the rider's health?

What people don't want to talk about is why the wreck occurred...I won't call it an accident because I believe Earnhart went into turn 4 with the intent to block ALL other cars so one of his own cars could win the race. The 3 car was not fast enough to win the race, he knew that, there were other cars (like the 40) that were faster and could have won the race. But, these drivers decided to follow the rules of racing, respected the 3's position and did not use the 3 car as a berm (as Earnhart did unto others MANY times) and slam him into the wall.

To me, Earnhart was a greatly skilled driver and an example of what racing is NOT about. I am sorry for his death and I wish his family the best. I hope we can all learn a lesson from Dale's life and death and we can all try to make the world a better place to live and race in.

God speed, #3.

Bill, I agree with you. I don't want to get too philosophical here so I'll just leave it at that.


He must have beat your fovorite driver alot. Either that you are a Gordon fan.

"Back in the day" if you "block passed". it was called being "cut off" and it usually resulted it some words or a fight after the moto :).

I'm not condoning fighting, but I hate the block pass :D. Whatever happened to giving racing room and seeing who is faster?



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Actually I don't have a favorite NASCAR driver, and I feel indifferent about Gordon (although I do feel he was given NASCAR favoritism for a few years until he won too much and now look at his results...he is just another top 10 driver like he should be). Also, Earnhart beat EVERYBODYS driver more than their driver beat him...Its not that I mind seeing a guy win...its the manor in which he conducts himself to gain the win that concerns me. I will say this...if I am in a race and a guy sticks it to me (block pass or otherwise) it DOES pump me up (pisses me off) and if I can, I will do what ever I have to do to stick it back to the guy TWICE as hard! I have done this more than once on my go-kart and my motorcycle. I stand by the golden rule (modified for racing of course, "do unto others as they have done unto you"). I have left a few knobby prints on some pants legs...but every one was deserved. However, I have never intentionally tried to injure another rider or made a strong-armed illegal pass on the last lap to win a race (I did once in a go-kart race and I felt so bad I went high in turns 3 and 4 and let the guy go back by and take the win). If we all remember that the rules are there for fairness we would all be better off! It is the people that could not otherwise ever hope to have a chance of winning that resort to cheating to win that I have no respect for. We compete in a SPORT. It is not a fight to the finish...life or death duel. I want to teach my son SPORTSMANSHIP! It is hard to do this when he sees how the "fans" exhort an Earnhart for the illegal tactics he uses. Terry Labonte said it well after Bristol a couple of years ago (anybody remember THAT race????)..."When my son asks me how to drive in his go-kart race on Sat. night I want to be a role model on Sunday and show him how a true Sportsman drives"...OK, I can't quote him exactly...but you get the picture.

Anyway, I think Dale Earnhart had many good qualities that we can learn from. He was a "RACER" of the highest order and that cannot be denied. I just hope that history doesn't forget the nature of the man as well least we fail to learn a valuable lesson of what not to do as a racer.


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