wr 426 02 model

Hello there

just want some info on the wr426 02 model,i have been told from a mate who owns a wr 426 99 or 00 model and he reckons the gear boxes arent very good he has rebuilt his twice any one had this problem before.i am really thinking about buying one but want to know if they are pretty reliable i am new to thumpers,ive owned two strokes all my life current bike yz 250 92 model any comparison to power or is it better?and what price would i pay for a wr 426 02 model australian dollars.cheers robbo :)

I've had an 02 WR426 since the start of 2003 and haven't had a single drama with it. It's been bullet proof. I've heard of earlier models (mainly the 400s) with gearbox problems, but as far as i've read those problems were sorted by the 426s.

I've used mine in club day motocrosses and enduros and haven't got a complaint.

Probably looking at between $6000 and $6500 second hand in Aussie dollars. A mate just bought an 03 450 for $7250 if that's any indication.

thanks for the info strattos much appreciated its sort of swayed me to a 426 cheers robbo

I have over 12000 Kms on mine and it's the best dang bike I ever had. Still runs flawlessly and its performance never ceases to amaze me. It is the last and best 426... It would be excellent for your riding conditions in Aus.

I've got over 1300 miles on mine, and not a problem until this weekend. I caught neutral on the way DOWN from second a few times when I had to divert around an obstacle in the woods. Once I had to step on the shifter 3 times, and by the time the bike finally found the gear, I had come to a complete stop! I wasn't trying to force it into gear going to fast. I couldn't figure it out, but it got annoying as the trail I was riding had several fallen trees on it not cleared since the winter. Anyone ever experience this?

Hi If its got a standard tail pipe on it wont to swop it for a go fast one.

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