04 450 hot start and neutral switch questions??

Should I be able to start the bike using the hot start in gear after I dump it or stall it? The bike starts in neutral with the hot start in one or two kicks. I messed with the jet screw and is now 2 turns out. Is the bike still running too lean or too rich, the reason why it doesn't start in gear with the hot start? Should I not use the hot start when I jump back on the bike when it's still in gear?

What about that neutral switch? Is it necessary? What does it do? My buddy has an 05 CRF 450 and he doesn't have one.



The neutral switch serves two functions. In neutral, it closes to ground the lead running to it, which tells the CDI that the bike is out of gear. The CDI responds by reducing the rev limit from 11,500 to around 7000, and the timing also gets a bit more retarded.

I can start mine in gear, hot under the circumstances you describe most of the time by using the hot start, but sometimes it gets in a mood about it. The FCR carb prior to the '05 model year is very fussy about idle mixture, and should really be trimmed for the altitude and weather on each day's ride. I don't always do that, and I think it leads to some of the "grouchy" days the bike has.

Another thing I've noticed is that mine does not like to start well at all when it's pointed significantly uphill.

You don't actually have to have the neutral switch, but I'll tell you this: I got kicked back harder by my 450 one morning than I've been hit by any motorcycle ever in 40 years. It was sort of between warmed up and I was starting in gear. Nearly broke my foot right through my boot, and it took me 10 minutes to walk it off. Makes me wonder.

Mine starts easier in neutral. I figure it is because I can kick it faster. When it is in gear, there is a small amount of clutch friction to overcome.

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