Starter Jet change ???

New '05 WR450F.

Problems with warm starting.

Did all the free-mods (AIS, Grey Wire, Snorkel, Baffle out, Throttle Stop)

Jetting: pj#48, mj#170, others stock, fuel screw stock.

Still a litle backfire.

Riding conditions: 0-2000 feet, 60-75 F.

- Changing the Starter Jet could solve my problem ?

- Where is the Starter Jet ?

- Can I change the Starter Jet without removing the CARB ?

Thank you in advanced.

Starter jet is for cold starting choke feed circuit.

Hot starting is usually set with the pilot and idle.

Try a new iridium spark plug it really makes starting easier. :)

Thank you Indy.

Now I know: "Starter Jet nothing to do with warm starting" :)

I´ll try the new spark plug.

Also I´ll try the fuel screw, may be 1/2 more turn out (still have little backfire).



What about your carb needle?


Needle is in the stock position ¿? ('05 WR450F).

Think too complicated for me to change it, is it?

Also, haven´t tried with the fuel screw yet.

What do you think ? :)


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