to WR or not to WR

Hey Guys,

I am thinking about buying a WR and was just wondering if I can get some opinions on the bike. I will be riding mostly trails anywhere from tight technical to wide open and from rocky bushy areas to sand. My riding style is probably medium to light aggressive and geared up I am 200 lbs.

I am most likely going to dual sport it and would like to hear opinions on the bike in general, dual sporting issues, any problems to look out for, best years to buy, and just about any other good, bad or ugly things to consider.

Thanks to all,


WR is the best bike out there right now, an 2005 that is, it has been out for a few years and they have fixed all earlier problems, ie starter, crankcase breather hose, swingarm rub, ect..

KTM would be a good bike if you can afford the parts and maintenance.

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