A question for Magura Hydro clutch users

My clutch went out on me this weekend while riding, it had been showing warning signs for a few weeks prior but I don't think I noticed them since I was just putting around in the backyard and what not. I installed a Magura Jack unit last March and hadn't ridden more than 2-3 times with it so I am not sure if I didn't adjust it right and it hasn't been disengaging fully or if my clutch was just at the end of it's life (lasted almost 3 years! :) ) My question is on mine, I can't pull the slave cylinder back away about 5-6mm like they mention in the directions. It is as far out as it can go, should I file down the metal piece that the slave cylinder rests against so it will have some free play? The clutch has worked perfectly since day one, which is why I wasn't worried about the lack of free play before. Thanks for any info anyone has on this.

Now I just have to figure out how to replace my clutch, first time ever.... :D

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