Fuel Screw

I have an 03 WR450. I bought the Jd jetting kits awhile back and it has worked flawlessly. Recently the on throttle bog has returned. I have added anything to the bike to affect this. I have tried making adjustments to the fuel screw with no results. My question: Is there something else that could cause this. On a similar note: I bought the Zipty fuel screw, but when I installed it, I found that is vibrates loose which is not a good thing, I have since put the original one back in, at least it stays in. Has anyone else had this happen and is there a way to fix this.

Thanks for you help,

Return the Zip-TY for a new screw. Some batches the threads were cut to deep and they vibrate out. Bog has returned? Make sure you have a 48 pilot, #40 leak jet and JD red needle in clip 5 with a 165 main as a benchmark to evaluate your jetting needs. :)

Make sure your zip ty screw has the spring,washer and oring on it.. I've never heard of them coming loose.

I am not too worried about the Zipty issue as I have the original screw back in. My question is that after I got the JD kit and installed it, everything was great. Just recently the bogg has returned. Was not sure if carb needs a good cleaning or if something else could be the cause. Adjusting the fuel screw does not seem to be doing it. I agree I should return the Zipty as I have heard there was a batch that did this. Not good when your fuel screw is backing out as you are riding.


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