XR650R Shock Rebound Damping Adjuster?

I feel stupid asking this, but ....

According to the Pig Pen, the adjuster for rebound damping is somewhere near the bottom of the shock. I just can't find the damn thing. I can't find any reference to it in the service manual, nor can I make it out in the fiche.


Look below the edge of your swing arm, Across from the chain slider..It's right there, A adjuster that takes a straight edge screwdriver..... :)

There is a good illustration of its location in your owners manual.


It just looks like the head of a screw, on the square part of the lower shock.....just above the linkage. Left side.


TT :)

Don't screw it in to hard. Just till it stops. Some have broken it but, you have to realy crank down on it. All the way clockwise in, then count the clicks out to 11~12 out.

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