yz400f wet sump question

I recently bought a '99 yz400f that has been converted to a wet sump system. Is this harder on the engine than the stock dry sump? How often should I change the oil? What is the oil capacity with the wet sump conversion? Does anyone make an aftermarket side cover that has an oil fill place. Should I convert it back to stock dry sump? If I wanted to convert it back what parts would I need? I know this is a lot of questions but any help would be appreciated.

These questions might be better directed to Dubach Racing Development (Dr.D). They made a lot of the wet sump kits for the YZF's.

In general, wet sump kits are a race only thing designed to lose a couple of pounds and lower the CG. The gains on either of these counts are minor. The downside is that the oil capacity is cut about in half, which means the oil gets hotter and dirtier sooner.

They can usually be converted back by replacing the stock oil pump separator plate and restoring the stock oil lines. But I'd rather you checked with Doug on this.

Here I'll save you all the worrying and swap my stock setup for your wet sump kit:)

I'm trying to win some stock oil lines off of ebay right now. If I don't win I might be interested in trading.

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