street wheel conversion

im thinking of streeting out my 99 yz400, but i dont want to pay the premium price for new talon hubs and what not, being 18 and not made of money. is it possible to lace up the stock hubs to 17 inchers, they are the same # of spokes, just a different length from what i understand. can it be done?

and for about what price do you think? thank you -sean

I am running a set of 17in Excel rims that have stock hubs laced into them. Check my garage for some pics. I cant see it being any problem using your hubs, but I would check that the rims you buy are compatible first in case there are differences.

thanks for the pic, i love your bike, it was actually my wallpaper on my desktop for a while, i didnt know those were stock hubs. also, what size tires are you running, sprocket sizes? how does it do on the roads, freeway, twisties..... etc... thank you much. also, did you have to get custom spokes made?

120/70R17 Bridgestone on the front and 150/60/R17 Continental Contiforce SM on the rear. 13/42 sprockets. Top speed approx 140KM to rev limiter and cruises nicely at 90-100km/h. In town 3rd gear for 60km/h. Wheelies in every gear up to 4th. You can go higher or lower on gearing for more power or speed, but I find this ratio the best for intown and highway. The bike sticks to the corners like glue... I can actually wheelie it while turning if I want and handles the highway fine. I am sure that you can buy Excel rims and a spoke kit that will fit your stock hub. Hope this info helps.

I'm interested also in conversion using stock hubs. Any part #'s for those excel rims and spokes used ?


its not that much cheaper though

Stock hubs are better anyway... they are usually lighter than most aftermarket ones.

doesn't it still cost like $700 even if you use stock hubs

doesn't it still cost like $700 even if you use stock hubs

Im not sure....... I bought my wheels complete for $850 used, But mint cond. There is no real cheap way to build these rims new anyway and if you have to strip apart your stock rims for the hubs then it might not be worth your time. Compare the prices between stock hubs and aftermarket and then decide what you want to do.

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