Springs for 05 WR450F

After additional research I found that the Yamaha web-bases parts catalog indicate my 05 WR450F has a 5.3 rear spring and a .428 front spring.


I thought I made a decision to go with a the following.

.49 Front spring

5.8 Rear spring

However, I cannot seem to find a .49 front spring from either Race-tech or Factory Connections. Race-tech seems to stop at a .48 front and Factory Connections goes from a .48 to a .50.

I am 230lbs and ride enduros at a novice level.

Race-Tech's website notes my stock 05 front spring is a .47. So here are the questions I have and I would really really appreciate your opinions on this.

1. Is a .48, at my novice riding level, going to make that much of a difference than my stock .47 front spring?

2. Should I just go to a .50 front spring because .49 is not available?

3. Should I keep the .47 spring I have and just get the rear 5.8 for now and see how I like the bike?

Thanks so much.

MY first thought is option #3

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