1999 YZ400F, how much should I offer?


I'm looking at a 1999 YZ400F tonight, it's pretty clean, has new graphics, starts up and runs fine, etc. (I've already seen it once before, my dad is going with me this time). It has White Bros. exhaust, redone suspension, all that good stuff.

I live in Southern California, and my question is how much should I offer to pay for the bike? He's asking $2,900, but I think that's way high for this bike. What kind of money should I offer him? I will be paying in cash.

I'm selling mine for 2200, I think mine price is fair. 2900 is really high.

I just bought mine for$1800. I found one in the Yahoo classifieds for $1500.

There was a super clean one (99)for sale here a couple months ago $1900.

Offer 2k and see what he says.

He won't take any lower than $2,500. That's within my budget, and California prices are massively inflated.

There's a 2001 KTM 520sx about 100 miles from me, for $2,700. Is that too good to be true? It seems way low.

I am selling mine for $2,000 with a spare parts bike that I dont want to part out. It's a 1998 with low hours

I just looked in blue book and $2000 is like mid to high range for that bike. i would say offer him $1800. cash is cash.....money talks you know...

if its any help, my 01' 426 in excellent condition set me back 2500 big ones. And when I say it was clean I mean it looked like it had 2 rides on it since the dealer floor. good luck and I would say shoot for 2 even. good luck !!!!

That's way high. Just be patient and you'll get newer and better for lesser.

I bought mine in CA for $2500 from the original owner with every receit and stock part that was removed from the bike. RG3 suspension, GPR steering stabilizer, Renthals twinwalls, new Renthal f/r sprockets and chain, 420 big bore kit, Ported head, Pro Circuit full system, Dunlop 756 r/r, Ufo plastics, Blue gripper seat, Dr D hot start, and he gave two new bottles of oil, new oil filter, three different flywheel weights and my clutch basket was swapped out for a Hinson. Show the guy cash and then if doesn't take it walk away. He may call you back and he may not, but your responses to this thread should tell you there are bikes out there better equipped for lesser prices. Be careful how and who you spend your money with. If that guy is trying to sell that bike and you offer him $2000-2200 he won't let you walk away.

i bought mine for 1800 with some nice aftermarket stuff

Ok, I'm going to look at a 2001 YZ426F that's in pretty good shape, I think I can get it for $2,600, how does that sound?

If that doesn't go through, I'll go to the YZ400F guy's house and show him 22 100 dollar bills :) .

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