may day! broke my Reb. front fork clicker!..?

I screwed in my rebound on the front fork a little too hard and heard a very loud click.

I didn't know the system was that weak... I do know it was a dumbass move. ):

Does anyone know about the internals of the front fork?

Am I damaging the fork by riding now?

It kind of halfass clicks now. I just set the screws to the same level on both sides hopeing it's working... but don't know?

thanks for your help once again! :)


I did the same thing man... I asked several shops if it could be fixed and was given the same answer from each. NO. I bought mine for about $87 through You'll have to call them as they don't list it on their web site.


If you tighten the rebound does it still come to a gradual stop or a sudden stop. I suppose anyone in this forum would suggest pulling it apart and find out what happened. If the rebound adjustment tightened to a gradual stop, I would be tempted to leave it. Don't take just my word for it!! Anyone else??

no, it just spins but it does raise slightly when turned out. :)

how do you fix a broken rebound screw? once you have the part?

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