Clutch cover repair.. or does anyone have an extra?

Hey guys, well crashing has taken its toll and my brake pedal caused a crack in my clutch cover. Is there any way to use some sort of jb weld to bond to the magnesium? Does anyone have a clutch cover from a yz or wr 400 for sale?


I cracked mine too and repaired it with JB Weld. I repaired the cover on my XR and DRZ in the same way. Just make sure you clean it well with brake cleaner and then rough up the surface. I put the epoxy on both sides of the cover as well, just for insurance. You should also consider buying a shield for that clutch cover. The TT store sells them and I have one on my WR and my DRZ. They are cheap insurance! Here's the llink:

Hope I have been of some help!

I thought the jb weld wouldnt stick to the magnesium surface. But I really should repair it right since I'm going to be selling it..

Anyone have a wr400 or yz400 clutch cover?

I had the very same punture from the brake pedal and i fixed it with JB weld. It has been doing well for six months now. What you need to do is lay the bike on its side and take the cover off. If you have a dremell tool take some metiral off of both sides to rough up the repair area and create room for the JB weld on the inside because there is very little room between the clutch and cover, the clutch moves towards the cover when actuated. After you do the roughing up then clean it with acetone and dry it. I made up a batch of JB and pressed it into the remaining crack then aplied some to the outside also. I used the quick set because i needed it done fast. IMO i would use the stuff that sets a little slower because i feel it may run into the crack and harden into it causing a more durable repair. I dont know if i crashed on that spot if it would hang but it has done very well for me to date.Hope this helps,and it is the same color as the mag cover so it looks nice when done.Oh when done be sure to trim the JB weld away on the inside so that when you pull the clutch handle and the clutch moves out twards the cover it doesnt hit it.

You can have my CFC clutch shield for $15 plus shipping. Let me know!

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