Silt/Dirt/Crud in Carburator Float Bowl

I have tried a search on TT about dirt in carburator and could not find that much info so I am posting this.

I have 2004 WR450F that is plugging up jets, acc. pump etc.. with dirt/silt and when I take the float bowl plug out there is A LOT of dirt. I cleaned everything out and same happened after trail ride that was not too dusty. Sealed every inch of the air box and same. Intake tracts are not cracked and pass the WD40 airleak test. Tried my extra Twin-Air filter and same. Greased the crap out of the inner filter seal and same. My buddies 05 Yz450 does the same (different air filter than WR) and other friend has had same on his 03 WR450. I figure the engine/carb is sucking very hard and the dirt is bypassing the filter/filter oil and this must have happened to other TT'ers. It does it when filter is clean or dirty. Any rocket scientists out there that have run into this problem? :)

This has happened to me a few times. I greased the air filter LIBERALLY and it seems to have worked. The first few times I sucked in silt my air filter was greased but apparently not enough

The crud is from contaminated gas buy a mr funnel it will catch all the crud and even water

Already washed out the tank and installed fuel filter. Did not put that on the list. I did each change one by one methodically (or maniacally if you have ever taken apart FCR carb)

These Carbs suck some dust in through the overflow/vent tubes. I find a small amount in my carb about every time I take it apart for a cleaning. Not enough to clog anything but enough to put a layer of grime on the slide and slide body.

There also has been some history of the air box to air boot seal not sealing completly. I put a bead of silicone between the sealing surfaces on mine.


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