Michelin Versus Dunlop Front Tire

I have done some searching on the endless threads on front tires and have found a stack of useful information. However I haven't found the answer to what I am after. Hence me posting another thread on front tires....sorry.

I am debating between the Dunlop 756 or the Michelin S12 for a front tire on my YZF 450. I do 100% of my riding on the trail and we are coming into winter now which means lots of mud, greasy clay etc, however still some areas with loose rock.

Which one would you recommend? It would nice to have something that will still be good come summer again when it gets very dry here in Australia. Will the front S12 still tract well in dry harder conditions? Does the 756 tract as well as the S12 in the mud? Which tire would I expect to last longer? I am looking forward to disposing of the front 739 asap. :)

Never buy a michelin, ive had a few and every one chunks out and handles like crap on the trail, dunlops are good, but maxxis is the best ive found. try the maxcross IT, it rocks!

Chad, I have the 756 on my pinger and S12 on my 450. While 756 has not given me any problems and seems to be a good front tire, I like the S12 even better. The point is that it is superior on soft soil and mud, even works great on hard pack, a 3-hour race on chalk stone has proven it. I have a new pair of S12's waiting for installation now... I think 756 may last somewhat longer though. I am happy to do some testing for you in Australia, I buy the tires if you send me the tickets :)

Use the 742 Dunlop front tire. Probably the most versatile tire I have ever used up front

Yamahauler...i know the S12 rear chunks out in the rear in the dry, but would the front S12 chunk out? It would take a decent amount of riding to chunk out the front S12 wouldnt it? Its just that I have heard that the S12 front due to its diamond pattern is awesome in the mud.

The maxiss IT does look pretty good though.

SureBlue....thanks for the info....hey dont know what area your from but if there are any ski hills around, I'd be happy to test the tires over there and get some vertical in on the slopes on me board at the same time :) Obviously when winter comes around again.

Seems around here the 756 gets the best wraps

I haven't used the S12, but I have used the 742, the IT and the 756 front tires, and the 756 is clearly superior to either of the other two in the kind of soils we have in Southern SoCal. It works across a wide range of surfaces, too, even more so than the 742. The 742 is actually a little better than the 756 toward the hard pack end of the scale, but it really doesn't come close in softer stuff, especially loose sandy soils.

We have a riding area that we go to where the ground is 100% decomposed granite. Too coarse to be called sand, and doesn't have enough humus in it to be soil exactly. It packs down rock hard when it's dry, but keeps a layer of loose, fine gravel on top anywhere from 1/4" to 6" deep. It's like a coarse grained version of sandstone. Very slippery, and a real problem for the front of a big YZF. The 756 does the job there way better the the Maxxis or the 742. What I like best about it is that it isn't totally gone just because it breaks loose. If it slides a bit, you can get it back and/or steer it through easier than the others.

I can't knock the Michelin, though, 'cause I haven't tried it.

The S-12 is a great tire for that Australian terrain - it is a fantastic mud tire - the rears are good too but will chunk in the rocky terrain - A lot of us here in SE USA woods use either a S-12 up front with a M-12 in back - or M-12 on both sides -

They hold up much better than 756's for this type of terrain......

Dunlop 773 Front

Dunlop 952 Rear

The S12 front is trash & chunks easily. The 756 will round off after a couple rides. The 773 front is about as agressive as it gets for that sticky mud. :D Why wouldn't I throw a 773 on the rear of my bike? :) Well you mentioned you'd like to have a solid summer tire also, that's where the 952 comes in to play. Quite possibly the best all-around tire made, its a remake of an old fave, the 752. It'll hook as well as anything in the mud, and when it drys out, the knobs are the perfect shape & size for that blue groove clay.

I wouldn't recommed the 773 rear for anything but mud & sand, just as advertised. I put a couple rides on mine in the desert here in Oregon & it quickly rounded off, as you would expect. But the 773 front still looks like new, looks like it will be a versatile front tire.

I've used an M12 grip was good and the wear was phenominal (good). I've never had a chance to try a good quality dunlop. Nothing wrong with michelin.

...just speaking from experiece. I was a huge fan of S12's in my 250 Honda days & ofcourse the first set of tires I bought for my 450 we're S12's, because I thought they we're the best. Guess it just depends where you ride & how you ride, but I wore out the S12 rear in 4 rides and the front soon followed suit. Albeit, they still worked good for those few rides, it's all about getting your money's worth right ?

ive had just as many troubles withe th front michelins if not more than the back. they suck big time trust me, the maxxis are as good or better than the dunlop and cheaper too.

M12 front is easily the best front ive ever run. never chunks, great traction, long lasting with riding/racing a couple times a week. I would recomend a M12 front.

Never had a problem with a S12 back. dont chunk, last good, and have GREAT traction. I would recomend a S12 Back.

Well I purchased a new front at the last minute before hitting the mud this weekend. The sky finally decided to open up and rain here in Australia, and boy was it wet and muddy. I decided to go with the Michelin S12 front and I have to say that this is a awesome tire in the wet. Every corner it would just bite in and all that was required was me to point and shoot and she stuck to her line without no hesitation. Awesome tire for wet, sloppy, slimy, muddy conditions!! :)

Just get some Maxxis Maxxcross IT's and ride. Michelin's wear down way to fast. Maxxis's are heavy but they last a really Really long time and they have great tractabitlity in all kinds of conditions. In my opinion the Michelin's are overrated. Again...that's MY opinion. Don't want to piss off any Michelin fans out there :)

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