Does anyone have a pictrue that shows where the hoses at the carburator should go? The bike is a Yamaha WR400F 1998. :)

Do you mean the black hoses on the left side or the vent/drain lines?

I can scan and link a pic when I get home from work (about 1 hr from this post) if there are any good ones in the manual which show the hoses. Or, I'll snap a couple of my '99 - should be pretty close.

OK, here ya go...

Pic one shows the carb from the front on the left side. I lightened the pic so you can see the hoses.

Pic two shows the back of the left side.

Pic three shows the overflow lines. The other side fastens into a similar port, and a spring holds them on. They just loop over the top, and then run down thru the holders (if they are still there).

Hope this helps. If you need a better pic of a certain area, let me know.

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