Decomp cable

How do you guys route your decomp cable. When my bars hit the left lock the decomp engages and kills the motor. Looking at it, I can't come up with any ideas. :)

Check this site out: BRP Manual

Click general information and then cable/harness routing. Should be able to help you out. Good luck :)

I have the same problem...move the clutch perch to the right, this give you another 1/2" or so of play. fully de-adjust the decomp cable at the cylinder. you can also route the decomp cable behind of the triple clamp vs the regular way (in-front of the triple clamp next to the clutch cable). lastly, check to make sure that the decomp cable is routed between the radiator and the small connector hose that is horizontal between the to radiators. :)

do you have CR HI bars? GPR 2.0?

No...actually Protapers, CR-Low...I guess I am one of the rare few who prefer lower bars. I am going to have to re-invent this a bit as my hand guards may prevent much movement.

Make sure it is adjusted correctly also.

I had to route both decomp and clutch cables behind bars so they wouldnt pinch in the friggen GPr arm and triple. They work fine there. Anyone else had this problem with a gpr?

dont matter cuz i'm gettinng the scotts put back on soon anyways...


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