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  1. 1. Which of these bikes is your primary ride?

    • XR650R
    • XR650L
    • XR600R
    • XL600
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That is up on Cleghorn ridge looking down on Lake Silverwood.

The other is off of Hodge road and the 15.

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My project... on the way is megajolt ignition,330 watt stator,crf forks to bolt on,and a few other bits. Then .....

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my newest addition to the family 1986 XR600r


next to big brother


and why not....my photobucket pc background


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nice 650r m8

looks good with that usd en black frame.

im searchin for those white nr plate background decals, anybody know where to get them cheap?

seen a set on e-bay but the shipping to the netherlands was way to high.

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To Teampiney, nice headers and muffler! custom or aftermarket, if its after market, where from and what sort of gains do you get?

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    • By Hunterg8381
      Hi everyone, first time posting here, but I need some help with my 05 xr650l. yes ive searched and searched but still no direct answer to my questions, first off, its a 05 Honda xr650l stock except aftermarket bar, bar risers, clutch/brake lever and a k&n filter. with 7000 original KMS, yes kilometers since im from Canada. I need to know, im buying the dynojet kit since I can get it dirt cheap from where I work, with the kit, should I still drill the slider and what not like dave's mod? Im at 20-200ft for normal driving and the highest point ill go around here will be 1500ft, what would be the best main jet, 160? and I will be removing the snorkel, and getting a aftermarket slip on exhaust. so im guessing 160 main jet with all the other stuff from the dynojet kit? should I change the pilot jet? or will the stock one be good enough.

      Any info is appreciated!
    • By boulet12

      hey guys, so lately i’ve been thinking and i think i’d like to try and get my hands on a dual sport that i could bring onto the streets. i’m looking for the early-mid 80’s era as i love the look of them. i don’t know much about these, and all i’ve really looked at were the honda xl’s & xr’s. Which do you think would be a decent bike i could get to restore? i have also been looking at the drz’s as well. but i’d like to know what’s the pro’s and con’s of the different dual sport type bikes and which you’d prefer? & also, all i have to rip now is a 250 2t on dirt.. and i know for examples the xr’s go up to 650 but haven’t been able to find anywhere, mostly 250’s and 300’s. Have any you guys ridden these? just seems like small displacement for the roads? you guys ever wish they had more power? thanks for any input!
    • By mrdsee
      ~177 Titanium bolts, nuts, washers etc leftover from various motorcycle projects. XR650, YZ 125, YZ250 a mix of new and used once hardware.
      Made by Mettec
      Over $2k worth of hardware
    • By Kennglynnedy
      Hi everybody. I am a long time lurker since 2014 when I bought a new '14 XR650L, now a TT Newbie. I have really appreciated and enjoyed all of the wisdom, advice, and know-how that I have found on this site. It has enabled me to do all of my own mods and wrenching on my XR so far. I have come across an issue now that I have searched for information about on TT and other sites but can't seem to find anything more than an honorable mention of. If there are threads on this subject on TT, I have not found them, so please don't hurt me too badly if I am mistaken.
      I have blown out two cylinder base gaskets, Before I replace it again, would like to see if anyone else has had this problem and how they actually resolved it.
      Base info is: combination of Dave's mods with DynaJet  stuff (yeah I know), 55 pilot, 2-1/2 turns out, smog pump off, K&N filter (yeah I know), FMF Q4, cut the top of the air box out, 14t front and 52t rear sprockets, and many other non power drive related things...  Bike runs really good.
      Last summer, I was riding really dusty trails. The intake boot slipped off of the carburetor, filter side obviously, and I may have ridden for hours like that. From the head, back, took everything apart and cleaned thoroughly, changed the oil, and kept riding, mostly off road. I could tell it had lost some power. Lately, trying to tune out a slight hesitation, I was hammering it pretty hard in second gear and letting off the throttle , in second gear. The base gasket blew almost all the way out on the front side of the cylinder (oil coming out). Did a compression test with the de-comp disabled and got only about 150 psi. Tore it down and found many, but slight, vertical scratches in the bore. Honed the cylinder and re-ringed, all new OEM top end gaskets. The top ring end gap is at end of service limit .014" and the second ring end gap is just past service limit at .021". Fired right up after repairs and running stronger than ever. Using a controversial (not so easy on it) break in method, kind of hammering on and off (like before) the base gasket pushed out again, this time on the left side of the engine. Yes, I broke the gasket right there trying to get the cylinder on, but kept on going (yeah I know). But it didn't push out just a little bit, it was pushed nearly all of the way out, just like before, in the first 10 miles of the (hard) break in.
      I have checked the crankcase breather, it's clear. Oil is pumping fine to the top. No pinched or kinked oil lines. Not sure just how much air should be coming through the crankcase breather hose but researching other issues it doesn't seem to be excessive. Actually the pressure coming out of the breather hose levels off at higher rpms (bike on the stand).
      The dip stick, if left unscrewed but sitting on the filler neck dances around a little with the bike at idle. The crankcase oil level check bolt test checks out good. Haven't done a compression test or leak down test after the new rings but the motor is running really strong. Don't think I'm getting more than normal blow by into the crankcase.
      Do any of you have any experience with this or wisdom thereof?
      Thanks in advance, Kennglynnedy
      Old Harley rider changing gears and moving into the woods. Too many folks driving their cars, looking at their cell phones, and running into each other for me to ride on the street anymore. Wanna buy a nice Sportster (hehe)  '14 XR650L, '13 CRF250L, '16 CRF450X, '03 XL Sportster
    • By Pcolamotorhead
      Parting out almost an entire bike. Frame is gone, CDI box, and Wheels, Gas Tank, Headlight & Front number plate. Complete unassembled engine with 9611 miles on it. 90 pounds of compression at cranking speed. According to hondaprokevin.com this is what it should have.  Checked the compression with 3 different gauges as the photos illustrate.  Valve clearance is good which indicates no cam or rocker arm wear. Oil did not look too bad that came out of it. Corbin seat, Big tube header pipe with Super trap muffler, and just about all the other parts.  Shoot me a message with what you are looking for and I will be happy to take pics and send them to you along with a price. All items are buyer pays the shipping.  Also have some 1996 Honda XR600R parts. Engine cases, Electronics, Etc.  Prices are going to be about 50% of new excluding the engine.