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      Any iOS app devs in the house that can provide a little help?   10/17/2017

      We've been working on a new native app build for TT using a 3rd party's code base.  If we have any apple devs in the house that can help me generate the proper adhoc certificates and load them up into x-code, please shoot me a PM.  I have the full source code of the test version of the app. I just need some help building the required certificates and installing them into the app via x-code.  Please shoot me a PM if you'd be willing to lend a hand. https://thumpertalk.com/messenger/compose/?to=2

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Here's my 89 nx650

I just finished putting it back together this morning after painting it and rode to work. Previous owner had painted over the original grey with some horrible metallic blue that up close looked like total garbage.






I really like the look of the raised front fender on the xr's. I know a lot of people have done it on nx's, any tips for doing it to mine?

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I say leave it stock! NX's are rare, and it's nice to see them in stock form.

This is an XR400 front fender. I'm not sure how you'd do it on the NX. The XR headlight assy. sticks down more than yours.


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Hey guys, I need some help. I must be missing something obvious, but I am trhying to post some pics of my BRP and can't figure it out. It is not letting me 'copy and paste' into the body fo the message and I can't find an 'attach' feature. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

You will need to use a hosting site. I use photobucket. After you have uploaded your images to the host site you can copy/paste the image link into the body of message. There is also a sticky in the pictures & video forum that explains it in detail. Here's the link... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4193482#post4193482

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Some updated pics of the BWP, added a MX rear fender and an XR's only rack, now I can roll with my Givi if I want.....






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Okay--Here's mine and I love this PIG! 2008, Renthal handlebars, Probend bark guards, TK80 tires, jetted & smog stuff removed, GPS mount, Scott Stabilizer, Procircuit Type 496 exhaust, front fender (helps highway ride a lot), Acerbis 4.3 gallon tank, Kisan headlight modulator (no more left turns cutting me off on streets!), magnetic drain plug from XRs only--amazing amount of junk that collects, XRs only engine guard, 14-48 gearing. Works fine, handles sand & rocks well, easy 80 mph sustained on freeway, and any limits to this bike attributable to linkage between handlebars and seat. :)



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Gave this son 94 XR600 street licensed after 10 years as my bike


Selling this 2007 TE250


Yesterday picked up this


Here are the planned accessories to start off:

UNI air filter; Daves Mod; Smog Blockoff Kit; Acerbis 5.8 gal (on order); Skid Plate; Fork Brace; Relocate battery; Tire Front D606; Tire Rear D606; Rim Locks; Scotts Stabilizer mounting; IMS Wide Footpegs; Dirt-Bagz Side Bags; Dirt-Bagz Duffle; Front #PL Bag

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The two twins their latest Dual Sport Adventure. Weather in the 60's makes for a really cold ride. We about froze getting into town. Had to stop at the local Wal-Mart to buy more sweatshirts. lmao



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Here's my 07 BRP

Hey Dan, those looked so nice I took the liberty of helping you show the pictures. I hope you don't mind?

I really like the blue one. Is that an '86? :)

I have an '85 that's flash red :D



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I'm a new member. This is just a basic XRL with big tank and low front fender. This is the first time I've posted a picture too. Let's see what happens.

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...looks gud:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

if u cud please how's about a frontal shot, rear & riders perspective of the bike/tank??? puuleeeze...

i need a new one to replace my stained Clark 4.0 and the bulbus 4.7 ain't work'n for me :worthy:



...oops! and since it's a pic thread hows about sum kitty porn?


Rich, quit sending me this chit!!! :busted:

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hey, you gotta show us a bigger pic of your avatar :thumbsup: so we can laugh..porn avatar ....ehehehehe

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    • By Christian Klopfer
      So I recently bought an 85 XR600R. My 1st bike when I was 13 was a 79 XR 250 and loved it. Now I bought the best bike from a young kid who said it was running in his ad. Of course it wasn't when I went to look at it. But, the price was right after I talked him down a little. My son and I have replaced the CDI, plug, and coil pack ensuring it had a good spark. We cleaned the carb, adjusted floats (it's the duel carb set up) and discovered that the mixture screw was missing, which we replaced. My son managed to get it started a few times by relentlessly kicking it over because he's 15. Haha. It idled unpredictably and cut out mostly within a minute not to be started again until it cooled. It ran long enough once for me to ride it up and down the road a few times backfiring with almost every gear shift for about ten minutes tops. It seemed underpowered but was still able to lift the front wheel off the ground slightly during takeoff. Now I didn't tell you that I had bought a compression gage and checked it prior to all this. It was roughly 70psi which I was told by a coworker was plenty to get it started and ride on. With all the difficulty starting it I decided to check the Haynes Manuel that I have and check the actual compression spec which I should have done from the beginning. Now that I realize I'm at/under 1/2psi compression I'm doing a little research as to what to do now. I'm not a mechanic, but I've gotten my hands in there doing simple repairs and whatnot. If I have a manual I'm pretty much good to go, but a full motor rebuild is a little daunting. I have a good friend that is an auto mechanic that lives right down the street that just started getting into restoring bikes that is willing to help me out. My biggest concern is the availability of parts for this motor. I've seen some stuff here and there on the web, but I'm looking for any suggestions that can point me in the right direction. I Really LOVE this bike and would love to see it ressurected, but I'm afraid I'm going to get too deep in to my pocket to have it make sense. Any info or suggestions welcome!
    • By tilstad
      I have some new rims in sizes 18x2.15 and 21x1.6. This would be inside measurements, flange to flange. 32 spoke holes in both.
      They are new, in chrome , good for adding some bling to a modern bike, or restoring an older one.
      I listed them on ebay.
      If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.
    • By volumebikertom
      Hello, I recently purchased a used 2003 XR650L. The bike is giving me a weird problem. It has a misfire under load. In any gear, if I am at about 60% throttle, is bucks and misfires, and has no power. It feels as if the bike is bouncing off of a rev limiter. I can eventually make my way up to 65mph if I stay in 4th gear and be easy on the throttle. 5th gear is useless, the bike will barely run in 5th gear, any sort of acceleration and the bike misfires and bucks. The bike came with a Big Gun exhaust slip on pipe, and a Uni air filter, other then that it appears stock. The male I purchased it from advised the gas in the tank was one years old gas. The first thing I did was remove and drain the tank, change the oil, and clean the air filter. The problem definetely wasn't gas related. I removed the carburetor and inspected it, it was dirty but I did not find anything major wrong with it. It looked as if someone half attempted to do Dave's mod, as the tab on the fuel mixture screw was ground off. I went ahead and completed Dave's mod while I was inside of the carb. I have no clue what size jets are in the bike. I put it back together, and the problem is still there. I ordered a new CDI box, and put that on the bike and the problem is still present. Any help would be great!
    • By Brent Wilkey
      I'm trying to find an XR650R that had already been tagged and titled. Any recommendations on where to look? I'm not having any luck so far. I live in GA and I'm definitely willing to travel pretty much anywhere east of the Mississippi (maybe farther if I have to). Any help is appreciated. 
    • By kwekuPaul
      Hi all,
      Any idea where i can get an upper chain slider for XR650R (Not the roller, the little rubber slider) mine has completely rotted away.
      Have ordered lower chain slider of ebay but cant find upper one for life of me.