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My newest beast in the making!!!!!!!!! YES its CA plated too!!!! :banghead:

and YES thats a brand new HRC kit going on with a whole SLEW of other parts......:banghead: :banghead:




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I shimmed the front fender with a couple of washer so it doesn't hang like a donkey dickDSCF4147.jpg

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Here's my pig after a nice spin through some trails and a little smoke break on the Little Red River. She is still recovering after being laid down about a half a dozen times last weekend in the mountains, and having a mirror, signal, and tank shroud busted, and alot of new (off) road rash to the plastics. I learned one thing last weekend, and that is, if you want someone to ride your dirt bike as if it is a dirtbike- then just have a friend ride it!! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead::foul::banghead: :banghead:


Oh yeah.. and one more that will make all the R owners laugh, and re-affirm the L owner's latte sipping stereotypes..


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Here are my little pig's

one was built in 1988 can you guess which one :-)


ps:she is at the doctors @ the moment having her m.o.t done.

then she will be ready for some green laneing around north london :banghead: .

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Here's the latest pics of my '06 XR650L Sumo, post Spring mods, which included a new Clarke 4.7 tank, new OEM CDI, new Eddy Pumper carb, new Acerbis Supermoto front fender, Maier rear fender, BD LED tail light, carbon fiber signal lights, automotive high flow in-line fuel filter, Wolfman detachable toolbag, Motrax bar-end mirrors.

It's little dirty in these pics, as you can see (but not as dirty as my trucks), I live on a dirt road and the snow hasn't finished melting, which means it's still quite muddy in spots. :banghead:





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DID someone say Swine Flu?

Everybody on this part of the forum suffers from swine flu!!!!


This is pre Acerbis 5.8, I ran out of daylight last night and managed to break the cheesy "Y" connector for the fuel line too:foul:

I'll get an updated pic after work, after I upgrade the fuel lines and Brass "T" connector, ain't gonna break that sumbitch:lol:

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Added the XL wire harness and a small lithium battery, ignition etc. Raised the headlight to allow air flow to the oil cooler. Have put about 1000 miles on it over the last couple weekends. 300 last weekend alone. Bike sustained some damage from large boulders hidden in tall grass on narrow single track. Bent both foot peg mounts & the kickstand in separate incidents. It won't stay pretty long but this bike was meant to be ridden.

The dashboard-XL ignition, wire harness, re-mounted odo & put on hi-rise fat bars, secured bark busters to triple.


Polished side covers, vented airbox along with a bunch of other stuff. Need new tires badly now too.


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After my brother and I wrestled the front tank straps down tonight, it is finally on. We had a hell of a time getting the right strap on and after failing many times, we took out the left one and tightened the right and then the left went on like butter, whooda thunk it???:banghead: I went with the heavier duty fuel lines and brass "T" connector(I broke the plastic Y that came with it). I also put those Tusk universal risers on there, but after doing a test ride, I think I may end up taking some of the spacers out tomorrow on the trail. I also put a 160 main in and I do really notice it at full throttle in 3rd and 4th!!!!

Sorry for the crappy cell phome pic, but my Fuji crapped out on me and I've put any possible camera money into the bike over the winter.

This Acerbis 5.8 just looks like it belongs on this bike!!!


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      so today I was going to go out for a ride, almost got to my buddies house, when the bike died, thought it was maybe out of gas, so i pulled in the clutch and went on reserve. I was still rolling so i popped it up into 3rd to try to roll start it, but no luck. stopped and pulled of to the side to try and kick it. the engine was siezed. this had happened before once and it ran fine after i let it cool down. so i let it sit and got a cup of coffee. i came back out to start her up, but i couldnt find tdc. the kick start would turn and turn but no hard point. it was harder to kick through the cycles and it has a weird squeek sound from the cylinder. any ideas on what happened or what the problem is??? it was running just fine 2 weeks ago i took it out on a 6 hr ride no overheating nothing. i has just been out of service because i cracked the tank in a biff about 3 rides ago. 
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      Hi all, long time stalker first time poster.
      Had my xr600r a few years now brought it with everything done lucky. 
      Anyway it has sat in the shed for 3 or so years regoed and ready to 
      Roll just to lazy to get my Lience. Now have it and I'm riding it to work 
      Everyday saving ks on the car doing about 200 250 km a week, 
      Loving the bike hasn't missed a beat but doing 80% of that 
      Highway I want to set up for 100% road. 
      I have picked up a set of cbr600 rims done some maching on them
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      Now I have my Lience it's back on. 
      Has anyone on here done it? how much work is realy involved? Is the
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      So what I could use are few quick measurements to make sure this works.
      Need inner and outer diameter of the two bosses(red and blue) as well as the center to center distance of the two.