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Wow..what a ride that was!! Came round a corner and almost had a head on with a Police Divi van

in the middle of yonder. Got talking to them and the senior constable had an XR 400 02. So we traded ph numbers for a

future ride and a beer. All good!!

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This incredible man rode from the top of Queensland to Melbourne and about to get on to the boat over to Tazmania.

That's the top of Australia to the Bottom and then some more!

Check out the Saddles for the postie.

Makes Postman Pat look like a yanky doodle!

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Here she is, next to my office!


Can you cut jdubb a sweet deal on a new vdubb?

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Can you cut jdubb a sweet deal on a new vdubb?

Hahaha... Sure! Or at least get you a good deal at your local VW dealership!


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ok,my pig no longer a sumo slug...


so here it is after more than 8months not riding her...she is getting ready soon...some wirings,inspection,and it will hit the streets....






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Just converted to supermoto. 17x5 rear w/160 (no mods needed to fit). Pics to follow as soon as I can pinch a friends camera.

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CT110! I've got one of those!

So have I. They are an icon here is Oz. The federal post (hence the name , Postie bike) use them.

Would you believe that people ride tham from one side of the country to the next:crazy:

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It's a Monnier tank (Swiss made) with modded CRF shrouds.

Do you know it's capacity? It really smartens up the bike. Brings it forward 20 years.

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    • By _RaStA_RoCkEt_
      Hey there, TT. What's good... you been partying? Hope so.
      Ripping my new (to me) 00' XR-R on some fire roads last night up in the Lost Coast and WHAM! There went the chain! It took the OEM case saver and 1/2-3/4 of each mounting bolt with it... which was concerning, but not as concerning as if I had seen the oil draining from a nice new 'modded' hole in the case cover. Yay! (to cheaper repair) No! (to repairs at all) 
      Few concerns I have about going through the repair process which seems fairly well documented:
      1) Since I nearly sheared the bolts on the sides of the case, I presume that my bike will need the XR's Only case saver. Fortunately, it uses the rear engine mounting bolt to hold on, but still uses the two OEM mounts as well. The top OEM hole seems deep enough to drill easily... but:
      How far can I drill the LOWER one to re-thread w/out punching my feared 'hole in the case'? 
      2) I removed my countershaft sprocket as I sat there waiting for a my AAA flatbed, and noticed that about 1/2 of the countershaft sprocket splines were gone! Further, the retaining ring (w/ the two 10mm head bolts) was worn significantly as well, allowing the countershaft sprocket to do some proper movement...
      Any suggestions on how to fix THAT? 
      (I had this problem (#2) on an XR-L, and replaced with a PBI XR-R sprocket to limit wear, since the splines were longer... this seems a bit worse. I ordered, along with the chain, a Ironman front 15T sprocket to replace my worn PBI... but I dk about 'restoration' of the splines on the countershaft itself.)
      Any ideas? / Pictures for the interested... as soon as I find a website that isn't Photobucket! 
    • By Jonathan Wall
      Hi everyone I just purchased a 1986 XL600r that was running ok when I bought it two days ago, but would bog down around 1/4 throttle. I drove it around some yesterday staying off the throttle, and she did fine , but not running quite right.  At one point after shutting her down in town, had a real hard time (10 minutes) trying to restart her. I finally got her started and got her home. I tried to fire her up the next day in order to try and tune the carb for the altitude Im at. 
      Long story short, she just wouldnt start (wheras before it was very easy to start) - almost like she wasnt getting spark. Well I pulled the plug wire boot and the wire was completely disconnected from the coil! I figured this wire having been super loose while riding was likely the poor throttle issue I was having. Well reconnected to the plug wire to what I think was the coil, then pulled the plug to check that it was super black and sooty. I replaced with a new plug and.... still nothing. Not even close to turning over.
      Whats going on here? My next step is replacing the ignition coil and wire with a new one, but anything else I'm missing here? Thanks.
      edit: this bike had a new stator installed last summer.
    • By TheLastByte
      How the hell are you supposed to get that thing out? I bought that overpriced motion pro tool, tried heating it and soaking it, and it still will not move a millimeter. Do I have to use an impact driver, or do I have to drill the peening out? Can I reuse the retainer once it is out? Can I just loctite it back in later, or should I re-peen it?
    • By MurrietaRob
      This bike has only 249 original miles - is OEM including 1994 red, white, and blue color scheme, bike was garaged and covered and only ridden a few miles a year as it was NOOP registered for past 18 years - bike is street registered now, transferred from family, clean title. Only updates are new D606 tires, battery, and all fluids, etc changed.  Bike is in excellent condition and runs even better; includes original tool kit too!
    • By akitsen
      I'm looking to convert my xr650r to full DC power and was wondering if anyone here was using a terminal bus bar ? something like this one : https://www.amazon.com/DSC-TB01-Terminal-Block-Splits-Input/dp/B005K49NMW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1510464051&sr=8-2&keywords=bus+bar&dpID=310kVzto9uL&preST=_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
      I'm looking to make the wiring a bit more simplified if possible, and have a single organized place like this that everything can connect to and run to battery would be incredibly useful.
      Thoughts ? Suggestions ?