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It's Scott Summers old bike so I'm assuming he had one of his boys do it. I've heard XR's only used to do it too, not sure though? :thumbsup:

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damn.. you did a great job of making it look like the champs bike. whenever i finally get one that is what i am going to try and go for. only problem is there just aren't many used bikes for sale in new england

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Me with some friends of mine :thumbsup:



Dude, that is a SWEET bike. Plus, your buddies' XR's are pretty sweet as well. I bet that thing is fun to carve around the streets of italy. I wish I woulda known about that when I was over there last summer; I would have LOVED to take a look at that thing. If I venture over that way in the future, it would be appreciated if I could check it out.

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Dude, that is a SWEET bike. Plus, your buddies' XR's are pretty sweet as well. I bet that thing is fun to carve around the streets of italy. I wish I woulda known about that when I was over there last summer; I would have LOVED to take a look at that thing. If I venture over that way in the future, it would be appreciated if I could check it out.

Thanks Thumpmeister...

when you want you are welcome..

You can found me and my friends in the north-east of Italy... Verona (do you remember Romeo and Juliet?)

to contact me simply write at the webmaster of xr-italia.com


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Not a good photo, but it's not about how good the photo is.

Let's see a pic of that scooter in behind.

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Don't knock the scooter. . . it's got less chicken strips than the CBR600RR behind it!

I bet. I love scooters.

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    • By megadillberry
      Hi all,
      This is my first post on here so hopefully I don't mess it up. Also hope I don't piss of any "purest" people out there as this is in no way a restoration and I have no interest in restoring it to original. 
      This is what I have been working on the last few weeks. I picked up an xr500 about a month ago for $300, it started but had no clutch lever so I didn't get a chance to ride it. I noticed later that it has a White Brothers aluminum swing arm and possibly upgraded shocks but I really don't know.

      Its pretty rough but a running bike for $300 I wasn't going to complain.
      I decided i wanted to build it into something that was kind of a cross between a bobber and a scrambler and use it mainly for commuting across town to work, but still be able to tackle mild single track.
      I went though my garage and was able to come up with a front fender off of a newer honda 150r (i liked how small it was), and a rear fender off of an 04 crf250x so it has the licence plate holder an led brake lights. the front fender bolted directly on but he back took some modifying.
      From ebay I found a 21" wheel for the front (81-83 xr500) but the drum was a 131mm max dia while the original 23" was a 141mm max dia. this was quite a disappointment but I guess i should have done a little more research. I ended up putting the brake hub from a 83xl250r into it, its not perfect but it works for now.
      I then started to build a seat, while the original was quite comfy, it did not have the look I was after. I started with cardboard until I had a shape I liked. Then I cut, bent and welded it all together, luckily at work I have access to a nice break, shear, welders and scrap metal.

      It turned out ok I thought for my first attempt at a seat pan. Next I put some closed cell foam on it from a sleeping pad I got from the sporting goods store. I wanted a low profile for the look so the thickest part is only about an inch thick. I used a steak knife to trim the foam and it worked alright, I ended up covering all the edges with gorilla tape to smooth it out.

      I then covered it with marine vinyl I found at Jo Ann fabric. Instead of cutting and sewing to get the material to fit right I used a heat gun which stretched the material enough for a "good" fit. I used 3m spray glue and a metal plate on the bottom to secure the cover, its holding so far.

      Here it is with the seat all finished. I also found some horrendously cheap foot pegs for a yz bike from (99-05), I think they are a cast steel of some sort. I guess you cant complain much for $15. they required a little grinding to fit but seem to work good enough.

      I was finally able to take it out this last weekend and had a blast, it runs way better than a $300 bike should. I had to remember how to engine break as I usually ride a 2t with good brakes, it turns out they went away from drums for a reason. My seat wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be out on the single and double track. We also went out to some hill climbs and the 500 impressed me with amount of torque it delivered at any rpm. This bike is much different than anything I've ridden before between its torque and having almost no weight over the back tire.
      As far as the seating position goes, I actually like how compact it feels. I also think the low profile seat goes with lines of the bike rather well so I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, especially for being my first try at making one.

      Next for this build I would like to make it street legal. I'm not looking forward to figuring out whats going on with the wiring and converting from 6v to 12 as the components I have are 12v and i would like to have the front light be a LED light bar. I have a different bike that I am thinking about adding lighting to using a rechargeable battery like a Milwaukee m12 or something, so maybe I will go that route.
      I would also like to figure out an exhaust for this at some point so i don't get kicked out of my neighborhood.
      Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear what you think and any suggestions you may have.
    • By James Quintin Lattea
      Hey Guys and gals,
      I am having an issue setting up my lights and I am not sure what I'm missing. I have a 2001 Honda XR650R that was "made" street legal by the previous owner. I'm trying to add in front blinkers and when I hook up my front blinkers all the lights dim and  the front don't flash or even power up. I am lost as to what I am doing wrong or if the battery pack I'm using does not produce enough amps to run the system. I will link the parts I'm using below and a diagram of how I'm attempting to wire it. Any Ideas or help would be much appreciated. Not sure on the Amp draw or limit on the items been digging just no luck as to what is being used or produced as of yet (blew my amp fuse in my meter being a dummy). 

      http://a.co/7MFeePA Hand Switch
      http://a.co/9F5rcRT The Front Blinkers (shown to use 5.4w on 12v so I think about .5A)
      http://a.co/gQ1OTf7 Brake and blinker combo (25w so about 2.1A)
      http://a.co/2JRKUTj Horn (shown to use 1.5A)
      http://a.co/1i6wwGk Battery it produces 12v 15A output
      http://a.co/8Z1Z8iv How I get the power off battery cut in half and bullet crimped
      http://a.co/aXkrtgB Flasher relay (max 42W adjustable to .02A to 12A)
      http://a.co/8Z07FbJ Other flasher relay thinking other was the issue not the case
    • By Christian Klopfer
      So I recently bought an 85 XR600R. My 1st bike when I was 13 was a 79 XR 250 and loved it. Now I bought the best bike from a young kid who said it was running in his ad. Of course it wasn't when I went to look at it. But, the price was right after I talked him down a little. My son and I have replaced the CDI, plug, and coil pack ensuring it had a good spark. We cleaned the carb, adjusted floats (it's the duel carb set up) and discovered that the mixture screw was missing, which we replaced. My son managed to get it started a few times by relentlessly kicking it over because he's 15. Haha. It idled unpredictably and cut out mostly within a minute not to be started again until it cooled. It ran long enough once for me to ride it up and down the road a few times backfiring with almost every gear shift for about ten minutes tops. It seemed underpowered but was still able to lift the front wheel off the ground slightly during takeoff. Now I didn't tell you that I had bought a compression gage and checked it prior to all this. It was roughly 70psi which I was told by a coworker was plenty to get it started and ride on. With all the difficulty starting it I decided to check the Haynes Manuel that I have and check the actual compression spec which I should have done from the beginning. Now that I realize I'm at/under 1/2psi compression I'm doing a little research as to what to do now. I'm not a mechanic, but I've gotten my hands in there doing simple repairs and whatnot. If I have a manual I'm pretty much good to go, but a full motor rebuild is a little daunting. I have a good friend that is an auto mechanic that lives right down the street that just started getting into restoring bikes that is willing to help me out. My biggest concern is the availability of parts for this motor. I've seen some stuff here and there on the web, but I'm looking for any suggestions that can point me in the right direction. I Really LOVE this bike and would love to see it ressurected, but I'm afraid I'm going to get too deep in to my pocket to have it make sense. Any info or suggestions welcome!
    • By tilstad
      I have some new rims in sizes 18x2.15 and 21x1.6. This would be inside measurements, flange to flange. 32 spoke holes in both.
      They are new, in chrome , good for adding some bling to a modern bike, or restoring an older one.
      I listed them on ebay.
      If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.
    • By volumebikertom
      Hello, I recently purchased a used 2003 XR650L. The bike is giving me a weird problem. It has a misfire under load. In any gear, if I am at about 60% throttle, is bucks and misfires, and has no power. It feels as if the bike is bouncing off of a rev limiter. I can eventually make my way up to 65mph if I stay in 4th gear and be easy on the throttle. 5th gear is useless, the bike will barely run in 5th gear, any sort of acceleration and the bike misfires and bucks. The bike came with a Big Gun exhaust slip on pipe, and a Uni air filter, other then that it appears stock. The male I purchased it from advised the gas in the tank was one years old gas. The first thing I did was remove and drain the tank, change the oil, and clean the air filter. The problem definetely wasn't gas related. I removed the carburetor and inspected it, it was dirty but I did not find anything major wrong with it. It looked as if someone half attempted to do Dave's mod, as the tab on the fuel mixture screw was ground off. I went ahead and completed Dave's mod while I was inside of the carb. I have no clue what size jets are in the bike. I put it back together, and the problem is still there. I ordered a new CDI box, and put that on the bike and the problem is still present. Any help would be great!