nd help with electrex dakar DS kit

I installed this new kit and when I remove the battery and measure across the battery charging output from the regulator, I get 12vdc at idle and it drops to 2 vdc or so when I rev the motor. I replaced the regulator which did not help.

Has anyone installed this kit and had a similar problem?

Also when I look at the stator coil, the windings look almost like theyve been done by hand, (this is a used 99 WR400F) which makes me wonder if a previous owner was in there.

Ive taken the stator out again and I swear I did the modification right. I pulled the ground lead and ran a wire back up to the kit's AC input, so the other side isnt ground anymore.

I show something like 35VAC with a moderate pull on the throttle.. Im wondering if I should try putting the OEM AC regulator in front of the dakar kit, since Im stumped and cant think of anything else to try.

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