used brp prices

looking at a 2000, not sure what the price is and a 2002 they are asking $3699 for. these are both at dealers. the 2002 has somewhat dark looking oil, not black. and appears to be uncorked. what should I pay. I am in ohio where I don't think these bikes sell very well. they are both in decent shape.

i am tempted to offer 3000 otd for the 2002. i am looking for a steal, don't need the bike. the 2002 also has the offer from the dealer to make streel legal for $500. so i figured 3500 otd for a street legal one i might jump on.

throw it at'em, what can they say? no?

Ya never know till you ask.... :)

There's always a asking price and a taking price.......... :D

I picked mine up used. '02 650R for $3200. The bike was basically brand new...ridden around a yard for all of 60 total miles. Had no reason not to believe it either, it was corked up (part of the reason the guy was selling...he couldn't start it..little did he know!), both front and rear stock tires still had the little mold release nipples, factory paint markings still on the bolts and 1 scratch on the tail. I scored with this deal but hopefully it will give you some sort of benchmark for pricing one out yourself. :)

I just paid 4500 for a new 03 from the dealer. I would not pay more than 2500 for the 00, but that is just me. I like the fact that I know what or what not has been done to the new one I bought.

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