THE Flag Solution!

Just tried out the flag holder fron Hines Racing and Fabrication and let me tell you it works like a charm! :D I was completely satisfied with the installation and the quality of the unit.

I didn't need to worry when I was going to chew it up in my rear knobby anymore like I have in the past. I work at Boeing and have even fabbed a flag holder off the axel on a CNC machine like some of the others and they didn't work either. Just another chewed up flag.

I spent about the same amount of $ buying the new one from Hines as I would have on another regular holder that never works. I have seen them where you still have to drill holes in the rear fender. I didn't want to do that. This one uses the existing seat bolt mounts and stays completely clear of everything moving!!! :)

Here's the website if anyone is interested in checking this out and is tired of messing with flag holders that don't work.

Thanks Nick!! :):D

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