Kick shaft?

If the kickstarter loses all tension is it most likely the kick shaft? I was riding last Thursday and kicked after a stall and the kick just went limp and then came back hyperextended. Advice?

Sounds like a problem with the return spring. '03's have broken the shafts before, though. Time to open it up and see.

a buddy of mine has broken his 03 kickstart shaft twice now. the first time it was fixed under warranty. he's having trouble this time around.

at that time we heard that the 03s were having problems with the start shaft/gear and that the replacement part was cured of this problem. apparently not.

Opened the case last night and one of the gears broke in half and another chipped a sprocket. Ive never heard of a part breaking just from kicking the bike to get it started. Seems kind of weak. My bike is an 04 not an 03.

man i cant believe that you are having problems with that. Thats odd as hell.

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