Did u record Vegas Supercross

Heres the deal I went to Vegas with smokin seats and had a blast, on my brothers dime who got the tickets at the 04 race, well he got screwed and flew out to an aircraft carrier on the day of the race and missed the race by one day

I tried to record the last airing of the race last night on ESPN2 with the auto VCR recorder since it was 12am to 2am. Well it didnt work and recorded two hours of fuzz. My bro dose not know the results of the race and is waiting for me to send them to him. If someone has that taped and could sent it to me that would be awesome

If you know of a place that is selling it on DVD or Tape shoot me a link :)

Wow, quick response and a TT Member hooks a brother up. The race is on its way, thanks all. :)

I just so have a copy of the race!!! My boys had baseball games that day and so I had to record it!! If you want a copy send me your address and a few bucks for shipping and I'll hook a brother up!!! hahaha

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