All Purpose Bike

I am looking at buying a 2001 WR426 or a 2001 DR400Z to use for both trail riding and some 35+ class racing. I also am considering making it street legal for dual purpose riding. Is there anyone out there who has converted either bike to street legal and still used it for off road racing?

I have a 1999 WR400 with a Baja Designs Dual Sport kit. Street Legal and registered in New York. It's modified with YZ Tank and seat, hydraulic clutch, YZ timing, front brake guard and skid plate, and a aftermarket pipe. Don't ride street too much, mainly 5 miles in Brooklyn to a trail/MX spot where the cops don't bother us. Also trail ride in VT. Works great for both. I couldn't be happier. It's my first offroad bike in ~ 10 years. Rode a stock DRZ briefly. Nice bike, but not nearly the power and sheer balls of the Yamaha. BTW - I'm 6' 180 lbs. 38 yrs old. Hope that helps.


I have a dual sported '99 wr400 and do an occasional race. I love the bike.

I've got all of the street legal stuff (blinkers, horn, flasher, etc.) mounted on the headlight assembly and a single connector so I can quickly swap from headlight to a YZ number plate. On the rear I have a similar setup, everything on the rear fender w/ a single connector. I slip on a YZ fender when racing.

I have never ridden a DRZ, but I have seen the factory race bikes and they can be made to kick butt as well. Might cost a bit more to get there though.

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Go with the WR. I am 30 yrs old 6' 5" tall and tip the scales at about 260 with my gear. The WR still wails. I haven't ridden a DR but I have also never been passed by one either. Also the WR might be easier to get parts for because the YZ and WR are so popular. I have been racing my WR for two years in that time in enduro I won the High Point for the C class in 99 and Open B in 00. In hare scrambles I finished 2nd in 99 and 3rd overall in 00 for the four stroke class.

Street legal is easy with either bike. Go to your secretary of state and get the cahange of title form and it will outline exactly what you need to do to your bike. In Michigan all that you need is High/Low headlight, Tail/ brake light, horn, license plate illuminator, mirror, and DOT approved tires. Also if you know a police officer if you get close he may just sign off for you on the change of title.

I wasn't lucky enough to know a police officer so I made all of the changes. Total cost was 25 dollars for an e-line brake switch and then some wire connectors, a switch and a plastic stick on mirror, and a plastic bicylce horn. I garbage picked the DOT tires from th shop near my house and threw them out after inspection.

Yes, strapped on blinkers, street tires, odometer, speedometer, mirrors and all just to get the plate.

Then it all came off but the standard WR lights, brake light and mirrors. That is enough to get by for the kind of dual sport riding I wanted to do. Keeping it bare bones simple.


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