'05 WR450F Exhaust Silencer

I took out the Exhaust Silencer (Baffle) and the spark arrester of my new '05 WR450F. :)

Considering that I have no noise restriction where I ride (Atacama Desert), is there any diference in power delivery riding this way compared to using and after market silencer ? :)

Thank you :D

I took out these parts as well before I put the FMF Q on mine. There is a slightly better delivery of power in low RPMs with the FMF compared to just the baffle and screen removed.

hi i'v just bought a 2005 WR450F and i've been looking at uncorking it, did it make your bike loads louder? did you alter the jetting? and whats with the grey wire under the seat?

Oh boy......

Oh boy......

Yeah, what he said ...

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