05 WR450F Steel Brake Line

I am looking for a steel braided brake line for my 05 WR450.

Has anyone used the Galfer steel braided front line on the O5?

If not what brand have you chose and for what year and make bike. Most seems to be listed for a YZ application.

Ride Engineer has a great looking setup, but I not really excited about having to buy the $30 clamp. However, I assume the CR setup requires a clamp.

if you have an '05, you shouldn't need the clamp, your's is already cr routed and should have some sort of clamp on the fork guard.

Yes, it does already have a clamp on the fork guard. I was looking at it yesterday. What do you know? In my case not a "hell of alot".

Did you ever go with the steel brake line? If so, how did it go with the OEM clamp? Thanks...SC

Did it firm up the brake feel?

I got goodridge braided lines on mine, The difference is definately noticable.

It takes out the dullness and is alot easier to sense what the front is doing.

The back one is harder to tell as I don't use it that much to be honest although it is

easier to control wheelies!

thanks. Anyone know an inexpensive suorce in the US? I seem to recall seeing it advertised somewhere and considering it a bit pricey...

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