gear problems?

Hey fellas!

I got a quick question. Why would I get stuck in nuetral, or, not be able to

shift into nuetral? I have 280 miles on my bike(05'xr650l) and have been changing the oil every 100 miles. :) I am using Golden spectro4 10w40. Is this my problem?



:) What is it, Stuck in neutral or wont go into neutral... :D

Is it still under warranty......... :)

It has just been a pain in the arse 3 or 4 times. It just wont engage into 1st from nuetral somtimes, and like wise for 1st into nuetral? Usually takes a minute to cuss and spit it into/out of gear? Just curious &%$#@! is going on?!?!?

Thanks again,


don't waste your time trying to figure it out, thats what your Warranty/Dealer is for ... I am curious, however, if you've dumped the bike on its left side, slightly bending your shifter-shaft ... it could do just as you described ... I crash a LOT, so I pick up on these clues ... :D:)

Could be a bent shaft. Did it start after dumping it on the left side, or has it been like this since day one? Some imperfection on the shifting fork, perhaps. Warranty!

Try adjusting your clutch. Most bikes, if the clutch is out of adjustment are difficult to "find" neutral.

Mine has a whooping 400 miles on it now and changed the oil once using Honda GN-4 20-50W, no problems at all in shifting - snicks cleanly into and out of gear. Maybe simply they do not have the clutch adjusted right, take it back to the dealer.

It hasnt been dumped....yet! It started happening last week during a ride. I missed a light because I couldnt get it into 1st. :) Then this week while attending a MSF course it happened a few more times. I think I will just cruise it to the dealer and let them figure it out?

Thanks guys


That a boy, take one to the dealer for all of us!!!

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