Mountain bike meets Motocrosser....

Yeah looks like a whole new area that is about to open up and explode.

Check out the power to weight.....more than a F1 car. :)

yeah, untill you put a guy on the bike..........that will reduce it to the power to weight ratio of a freeking turtle

Yeah but its the same as all things, you spend the $10G's on it and you will always find you eventually aren't happy with the power and buy a bigger moto-x bike or you find you want something lighter and get a mountain bike...

Nice concept but i will defiantly not be trading in my motocross bike...

Case that thing off a huge jump and watch those rims taco.

It's $9995 New Zealand. Anyone know what the exchange rate is?

Nzd/usd = .7000 one and let us know what you think of it Bucky... :)

Nice idea. but I couldnt help thinking how cool it would be with a WESTLAKE powerplant :)

Now that would wake you up in the morning :D:)

Bike looks awesome. I think itd make the ultimate practice bike. Could run that in your backyard and noone would be able to complain. I am thinking about getting one as a second bike. Be pretty crazy little bugger. All you would have to focus on is gas brake and turning. No shifting or clutch. Power to wieght ratio isnt that good compared to a motocrosser though.

I was talking about the electric Blade one by the way. The FX bike one looks like a dog with its little honda motors. The electric one makes close to 20hp if they could get that up a little more itd be crazy. What class could that be run in? Probably none.

I would be interested if they had a model with a CR500 motor. Would work nicely as a commuter to work... :)

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