thermostat removal

Hey guys, I have read on many post that the BRP thermostats are really shit often stuffing up. My pig boiled on the weekend after had riding so I didnt think much of it until I saw that my two mates on a wr250f and a wr426f didnt boild at all and they did the same things as me. Also when I ride the beast on the street the engine gets so hot I can feel the heat easily on my legs if I where shorts. I am considering removing the thermostat all together, what I wanted to find out was if this would be bad for the pig in anyway.

thanks Brett

Mine runs cool, unless I idle in traffic, never even blown any into the recovery tank, uncorked, jetted a little on the rich side, geared taller, free flowing exaust.

I think CaptB is most likely correct, but whats the last word on swapping out the thermostat for another one, or none at all, and how about the higher pressure cap? I didnt have boil over problems with my last 650R, and I have not really ridden my new one yet but I am concerned about this.

I use dexcool and water wetter, she only overheats in glamis if I'm running super hard and spinning the tire... and I replaced the thermostat with an 18.......... :)

Mine ran a lot hotter too, before I uncorked and rejetted it. I recently went from a 170 to a 175 main. Running a bit too lean will cause it to run hotter.

yeah my bike is totally uncorked, but still I want to know is there any problems reliability wise or is it damaging running the pig without a thermostat

BrettJ..I took my original thermostat out a couple of weeks ago and yes,as predicted,it was stuck open,which obviously means it was running overcooled all of the.The reading of the spark plug showed this too.I installed an SRC `stat and immediatley noticed that the casings were very hot to touch(before they were tepid)and that I had to adjust my clutch as I figured as it was running hotter and expansion was more prevalent that the tolerances in the adjustment were finer and that was why it was slipping under hard acceleration...I was right...runs fine now..reliablility ways from my experience mine has been ridden for probably half its 7500kms on road and in winters here which means it really is getting overcooled at 85mph on the roads!! problems yet but the reason I installed the `stat was that it was designed to run at a certian temperature and I was worried that if any more kms were put under it belt it may just have a problem materialise!!Now I can run all day knowing that everything is as it should be,and that in itself takes away any doubt.

I was thinking too that would there be hotter parts in the cylinder,if `stat was uninstalled,and over time would this cause a problem??....thoughts??

As long as you don't spend a lot of time riding slow trails, taking out your therm. is fine. A lot of riders out here in California and Baja California take out theres. We also run a Kawie radiator cap for added pressure relief. But for cow trailing, leave the therm in. Otherwise, you will boil over. Steny

You can run an XL without a thermostat any time. They simply don't boil over! Ever.

Just remain seated until the dust settles, then casually start your engine and proceed to the finish line at your own pace. You can actually hear your MP3 too, and you almost always get there before the awards ceremony is over! No Brainer!

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