Foot peg help...........

I'm abit new here so sorry if I'm asking something that has been covered a million times......

I need a new foot peg and mount for my '95 XR600. I bent it bad in a bone-breaking (5mph of course :D )crash about 7 months ago and am in need of a new one because we are going riding here in a few weeks. I bought one off of a friend who had some parts of an '85 or '87 600, but of course they're different; its the same as my '84 XR250 of course. :)

I would like to maybe trade the one that I have that doesnt fit, trade some of the extra parts I have for my test monkey xr250, or find one for a decent price since cash flow is down because of the (still ongoing) extended recovery.

Any help would be appreciated. :)



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