Stupid question... XR650L

I have all the materials I want to uncork it...

How do I remove the seat??

Besides the hex on the red stripe, I can't see any other bolt...

there is two 12 mm bolts under rear fender!

Aren't they for the tool bag?!?!

I'll try... thanks :)

Don't feel bad, those two under the seat don't really look like then belong to the seat. I think everyone goes through this the first time.

I still can't fid them :)

Do I have to remove the black plastic first ?

The two bolts I was talking about are not 12mm and they are from the toolbag...

I miss my BMW F650... All I needed there to remove the seat was the ignition key

Got them... Duh!



:):D lol..I remember it took me a while too the first time!! :):D


I am sorry but this is funny as h*ll.



even looking at the manual it wasn't totally clear.

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